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This beautiful castle is just a 20-minute walk from Villa de Lussais. The early castle consisted of twelve towers, of which only two remain. The castle was built in 1514 by members of the house of Rochechouart.

The castle has had a number of owners; for example, the Rochefoucauld-Roye family bought it in 1655 from François de Rochechouart of Chandeniers. What finally remains of the castle after hundreds of years, the most imposing of that period in the Deux-Sèvres, is the building that connects the two towers and the chapel. The left wing has been destroyed and the right wing is a later construction. The orangery dates from 1854. The castle has a moat as well as conical roofs covered with slate. The entrance pavilion is flanked by four vaulted turrets.


The Château de Javarzay is currently owned by the municipality. It was classified as a historic monument by the French Ministry of Culture in 1862.