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Caring about our environment

Villa de Lussais is looking for a healthy balance between a comfortable and luxurious stay and the unnecessary use and disposal of non recyclable products. Therefor we chose to equip our suites with luxurious amenities of eco friendly and sustainable materials, without hindering your comfort. What feels more satisfying than experiencing luxury in a eco friendly and responsible way?

In your ensuite bathroom you’ll find a vanity kit, and unlike in many other vanity kits, the cotton swabs do not have a plastic stick but are made of bamboo. Cotton and bamboo are 100% compostable materials and their disposal causes no harm to the environment. The vanity kit is entirely plastic-free, it comes packaged in brown kraft paper from responsible sources. 

The bathrooms are equipped with shampoo and shower gel from the luxury brand Cote Sud. Instead of generating kilos of plastic waste, you will find beautiful refillable pump bottles in your own bathroom. Hygienic and good for the environment! We have chosen the “agrumes de Calabre” line, a subtle Mediterranean scent of citrus, pink grapefruit and flowers. All of these products are free from parabens and have not been tested on animals. 

For breakfast we serve eggs from our own free-range chickens and the napkins are made from 100% recycled paper.